15th October 2015

October 2015 Branch Meeting Report and Conference Preview

A quick and efficient meeting was the order of the day when the branch met in the Golden Lion Hotel last night for the October Branch meeting. The meeting was opened by Andrew Szwebs, Convener of the City of Stirling Branch, and the previous minutes were endorsed and seconded by the members.

The office bearers reports mainly focused on the current standings and activities in the recent Stirling East Council ward election in which our candidate Gerry McLaughlan was successfully elected with an around 10% swing. An impressive result and the branch thanked all members who played a part in getting Gerry elected.  While there were great efforts by lots of our members Melanie Cowie our Branch Organiser was given special mention by Jim Thomson for all the work she put into the campaign.  David Deveney our Vice Convener and fund raiser intimated there will be a fund raising race night announced in the near future- so keep an ear out for that.

Our Councillors report was provided by Scott Farmer, and gave the branch an insight into the petty goings on by the current Tory/Labour coalition in voting down resolutions which politically they should support but in which they seem more driven to score political points at the expense of their constituents.

Our MP steven Paterson was represented by his new Comms and Press officer who gave a run down of Stevens recent surgeries held far and wide across the constituency and also the visits to local businesses and organisations over the summer recess. Steven’s input into the recent Digital Britain debate was also covered.

Finally our new Stirling East Councillor Gerry McLaughlan gave a short introduction to the branch of life as a councillor and his thoughts on his campaign and his first formal council meeting. There were a few questions from the floor on matters of recent interest in the national political scene before the meeting was closed.

Conference starts on the 15th October and members not able to attend are directed to You Tube where the party is live streaming the event.

The branch members attending were invited to partake of tea coffee and some sandwiches following the conclusion of the meeting. Next meeting is on the 11th November.