13th June 2018

Outrage As Stirling Tory MP Votes To Take Powers Away From Scottish Parliament

UK power grab

SNP Councillor Graham Lambie has slammed Stirling Tory MP Stephen Kerr for voting to take away powers from the Scottish Parliament in the Commons last night.

In a series of votes, MPs overturned a number of amendments made by the House of Lords to the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill.

The Scottish Parliament voted to reject legislative consent to the Bill for the first time in its history, on the basis that it threatened the devolution settlement.

The EU Withdrawal Bill takes powers over agriculture, fishing, environmental matters and food standards – that are devolved to Holyrood – and places them in the hands of Westminster.

Labour MPs abstained on the vote relating to devolution.

Commenting, Councillor Lambie said:

“People across the Stirling area will rightly be outraged that this Tory MP has sought to represent them by voting to take away the powers of the Scottish Parliament.

“Mr Kerr is no friend of devolution, he campaigned against the formation of a Scottish Parliament in 1997, and now he is backing his party’s government in taking powers away from Holyrood.

“In addition to this, 67.7% of people in the Stirling area voted to remain in the EU in 2016, yet Mr Kerr, who campaigned with Leave, continues to call for the hardest Brexit possible – despite every economist telling us how this will damage the Scottish economy, seriously affecting businesses and jobs in his own constituency.”

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford convenes the Finance and Constitution Committee in the Scottish Parliament, which recommended that MSPs do not grant consent to the UK Government Bill on the basis that it “is not compatible with the devolution settlement”. He added:

“This is the first time that the wishes of the Scottish Parliament have been ignored by Westminster in this way – and the first time since devolution that such a power grab has taken place.


“MSPs of all parties – except the Tories – voted to reject the Tory Brexit Bill on the basis that it damages the devolution settlement.

“Scotland is being denied the powers that it should have, this is an affront to our country’s democracy.”