12th December 2015

Pam’s aid for Lesvos

Pam Jackson
Pam Jackson

Pam Jackson on her way to Lesvos with aid for refugees

One of our members Pam Jackson is about to embark on a personal aid crusade to Lesvos to help with the plight of refugees making the dangerous crossing from Turkey into Lesvos. Leaving on the 4th of January, self funded Pam will be travelling light so won’t be able to take terribly much in the way of physical items, but wants to be able to take any financial donations she can collect to help with the purchase of food, shelter, toiletries, and hygiene items for the refugees, while she is out there.

We hope Pam has a safe journey and over her three week stay ( she returns on the 25th of January) she is able to bring comfort and hope to many of the people who have arrived , escaping the  multiple trauma’s of abandoning homes, escaping a war zone trapped between Assad’s regime, Daesh militants, various insurgent factions, and the bombing of Russia and many western countries of which the UK is sadly now a party. Maybe Pam will be able to give us a report for our site that we can share on her return.

If you want to help Pam, please go to her  Pamela Jackson – Aid for Lesvos Crowdfund page which we have linked here.