20th July 2015

Paterson responds to Labour fracking smear

Steven Paterson

Steven Paterson MP for Stirling has published the following Press Release.

Steven Paterson“I’m aware that Richard Simpson issued a press release on fracking, in which he mentioned me several times. Here is my response.”


Steven Paterson, Member of Parliament for the Stirling Constutuency, has responded to the press release from Labour list MSP Richard Simpson on fracking.

Commenting, Mr Paterson said: “Richard Simpson does himself no favours inserting his name in these silly stock Labour Party press releases that are doing the rounds across the country. My position on fracking remains exactly as I stated it was during the recent campaign: I support the Scottish Government’s moratorium on fracking, and the devolution of all powers over fracking to the Scottish Parliament.

“Labour have no credibility on this issue. They opposed a moratorium, and oppose all powers over fracking being transferred from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament, preferring these powers to be in the hands of the Tories than the people of Scotland. No wonder they were so completely and utterly hammered in the recent General Election.”