12th April 2016

Redundancy Announcements Are Disgraceful And Unnecessary

Cllr Gerry McLaughlan

The SNP Group on Stirling Council has hit back at the Council’s planned announcements to cut jobs.

Commenting, SNP Councillor Gerry McLaughlan said:

Cllr Gerry McLaughlan

Councillor McLaughlan said the SNP opposed the attack on employee’s t’s and c’s which were sneaked through at last minute.

“Staff restructuring on this level is completely unnecessary and comes from a Tory/Labour Administration that are obsessed with cuts to service budgets. The SNP Group put forward an amendment budget that sought to protect services for our most vulnerable – that includes staffing budgets.

“The SNP opposed the attacks on employees’ terms and conditions which were sneaked through at the last minute, and we completely protected Social Care funding in our budget. Whilst savings are there to be made, we proved that there was a way of being more efficient as well as protecting services for the most vulnerable. However, the Tories and Labour were having none of it and opted for scoring cheap nonsensical political points instead.”