3rd February 2017

Salmond on Europe

If you were lucky enough to be one of the circa 300 people with a ticket to the talk last night at Stirling University, hosted by our friends of SUSNA ( Stirling University  Scottish Nationalist Association ) you were treated to our Alex in top form. Having come hot foot from the debates in Westminster this week where Theresa May seems willing to sell her ( and the rest of this British Isle’s) soul to “the Donald” to avert in the eyes of her fawning right wing press, the looming disaster of a Red White and Blue Brexit, he was rich with some tales from the House.

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond talking at Stirling University last night.

The talk focussed on Scotland’s relationship with Europe that long pre-dates the EU ( nearly 1000 years of trade has gone between Scotland and Europe as evinced by the Lubeck Letter). As Alex stated at the beginning, ( I am paraphrasing here) “for a thousand years, Scotland has had a detailed, intricate trading relationship with the European Continent…. and the idea that after One Thousand years, we are going to let a bunch of deluded Tories in Westminster cut us off is ridiculous”.

One of the early quips was to say how he entered the lobby to vote on the Article 50 debate accompanied by elder statesman of the Tories, and  Pro European former Chancellor, the RH Ken Clarke. Observing this was probably the first time they had shared a lobby on a SNP amendment! This following what Alex regarded as the star speech of day one of the debate, when Clarke stated that the actions of the Tory party were the “actions of a Mad Hatters Tea Party, the difference being, when Alice went down the hole she went herself, Theresa May in contrast was eager to take herself, her party and the whole of the UK down the hole with her”.

Every Scottish MP voted against the Article 50 Bill except Scottish Secretary of State David Mundell. Whose interest is being served by him?

The Donald

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond on Donald Trump, “a balloon” and “the worlds biggest protectionist.”

Alex discussed Protectionism and why it doesn’t work, for jobs or the distribution of wealth around the world and how the proposals of Donald J Trumpf*, being so eagerly being grasped by Theresa May will only damage the world economy.

He spent time discussing Donald Trump and his relationship with the former First Minister and how relating “bad news” to him was not easy if you did not want the Orange headed one to go into orbit. Donald J Trumpf has never read the Wealth of Nations or if he had it was the “Penguin edition”, he probably hasn’t heard of  Adam Smith and despite his much “Trumped” Scottish roots, had never heard of the Highland Clearances! Something that had to be related to him when he proposed to the former FM that he allow Compulsory Purchase of the ground occupied by Michael Forbes, a Crofter during the much publicised Golf Course proposal. ” We have Compulsory Purchase to make way for  Hospitals and railways said Alex, not Golf Courses”. By some miracle the Donald accepted this… then Alex had to tell him about the wind turbines….

But one of the Donald’s rules of business was not to negotiate from a position of weakness….precisely what the UK PM is about to do.

A thoroughly entertaining, informative and enjoyable talk by Alex. He then followed this by taking questions from a gender balanced group of questioners from the floor.

Summing up he said he though Nicola Sturgeon was playing a blinder, and despite what the Main Stream Media were reporting on the “Scottish Government in Crisis” he read on wingsoverscotland as he came off the plane to the talk, “Budget passed, crisis over, media grumpy, Tories furious, Labour irrelevant”…. yeah that will do!