6th March 2017

SNP Announce Stirling East and Bannockburn Candidates for Stirling Council Election

The Scottish National Party have announced their candidates for Stirling East and Bannockburn wards for the Stirling Council Election on May 4th this year.

The SNP will be putting forward 14 candidates in Stirling and is the only Party in a position to win a majority on the Council after May’s election. Currently, Stirling Council is run by a Tory/Labour coalition.

Candidates standing in Stirling East are Alison Laurie and Councillor Gerry McLaughlan.

Alison Laurie formerly worked in the financial sector in the City of London before moving back to Scotland, working as the Office Manager for local MSP Bruce Crawford.

Commenting, Ms Laurie said:

“I am delighted to have been selected to stand for Stirling East as an SNP candidate. As someone who lives locally, I am keen to represent the interests of our local communities.

“Born in Scotland, I worked in the City of London before moving back in 2004 to pursue a degree and Masters in International Politics. I have worked for our local MSP, Bruce Crawford, since 2009 – acting on his behalf to help constituents across the Stirling area.

“This election gives a chance to properly support local services, local communities and local people.

“As a Councillor, I will be a strong local voice for people across Stirling East, ensuring that your interests are represented on Stirling Council. I hope you will consider lending me your support and give me the opportunity to work on your behalf.”

Gerry McLaughlan was first elected to Stirling Council in the Stirling East by-election in 2015, following the election of Steven Paterson to Westminster.

Councillor McLaughlan added:

Alison Lawrie and Gerry McLaughlan

Alison Laurie and Gerry McLaughlan

“I am honoured to stand for re-election to Stirling Council after having served our local communities in Stirling East since being first elected in 2015.

“I have dedicated myself to representing the interests and concerns of local people and communities –  tackling anti-social behaviour, the chaos over the introduction of the new bins collection system and road safety issues on the Glasgow Road and Linden Avenue.

“As the SNP Finance Spokesperson on Stirling Council, I am committed to ensuring that our local services are properly funded once again and that they are value-for-money for local Stirling taxpayers.

“I hope that you will lend me your vote and re-elect me this May so that I can continue to speak up for local communities.”

Bannockburn ward includes eastern villages: Cowie; Fallin; Plean; and Throsk. Candidates for this ward will be Maureen Bennison and Councillor Alasdair MacPherson.

Maureen Bennison was raised in Fallin and currently works for a charity organisation that represents the interests of people with disabilities.

Commenting, Ms Bennison said:

I”t is a privilege to stand alongside Alasdair for election to Council to serve the constituents and communities of Bannockburn and Eastern Villages.

“I was born and brought up in Fallin – you may know me as Maureen Bell – where I live with my daughter.

“I recently graduated from Stirling University, and currently work for a grassroots charity representing disabled people. Vulnerable people are bearing the brunt of callous Tory cuts – if elected I am determined to take the fight to the Tories and their Labour Party partners at Stirling Council.

“I will always work in the best interests of Bannockburn and Eastern Villages and will always put constituents and communities first. I hope you can offer Alasdair and I your support on 4 May.”

Alasdair MacPherson was first elected in 2007. Local to the eastern villages, he has spent much time supporting local causes such as the credit union and the Bannockburn House project.

Councillor MacPherson added:

Maureen Bennison and Alasdair MacPherson

Maureen Bennison and Alasdair MacPherson

“Since I was first elected in 2007, I have worked hard to protect the most vulnerable in my ward who have come under attack from Tory welfare cuts in Westminster.

“I am very proud to have lead the campaign against the Tory Bedroom Tax which thankfully was mitigated by our SNP Government. I am delighted that Maureen has also been selected to contest the Bannockburn ward as like me she is born and bred in our ward. Maureen and I will work together to make the case for investment in our ward which has been badly neglected by the Labour/Tory coalition for the last five years.

“Only the SNP are putting forward enough candidates to control the Council so only by voting SNP can we knock the Tory/Labour coalition out of power in Stirling. I hope you will lend your support to both Maureen and I on May 4th.”