8th July 2018

SNP Condemn Tory Pride in UC

Cllr Maureen Bennison

Cllr Maureen Bennison “Universal Credit is a failing system which is flawed to the core.”

Councillor Maureen Bennison, the Equalities spokesperson for Stirling Council SNP Group, has condemned Stirling Council Conservative Group Leader – who is also Chief of Staff to Stephen Kerr MP – for his admission that he is “proud of Universal Credit”.

Cllr Neil Benny

Tory Group Leader Cllr Benny “Proud of Universal Credit”

Councillor Benny made his statement during last week’s meeting of Stirling Council. Councillor Bennison had just made a statement on recent reports detailing the sharp rise of food bank use and the detrimental effects long-term use of food banks have on people’s health and mental health.

Commenting, Councillor Bennison said: “Tory Councillor Benny should have nothing to be proud of. Report after report from a number of organisations, including the UK Government’s own National Audit Office, have found that Universal Credit is a failing system which is flawed to the core.

“The system is costing more money to administer than legacy benefits and it is having a negative impact on the lives of people forced onto this horrendous system. Stirling Council is being compelled into using staff, public money and resources on propping up this failed policy.

“Stirling Council’s Tory Group need a reality check. Universal Credit is failing, and too many people are waiting for weeks on end waiting for claims to be processed. Access to food is a basic human right, not a privilege, and Stirling Tories need to get their heads out the sand, admit the overwhelming evidence in front of their faces, and tell their MP that the Universal Credit system is simply not working”.