14th May 2018

SNP Councillor Condemns Tory MP’S Defence Of Rape Clause

Maureen Bennison

Bannockburn SNP Councillor Maureen Bennison, has condemned Stirling’s Tory MP Stephen Kerr over twitter comments he made defending the disgraceful Tory ‘Rape Clause’.

Measures brought in by the Tory Government at Westminster mean that women may only claim child support tax credits for a third or subsequent child if they can prove resulted from giving birth to twins, adopting or due to rape.

The SNP has and continues to vehemently oppose this clause, which forces women to prove they were raped in order to receive benefits.

Commenting, Councillor Bennison said: “It is incredibly disappointing to see Stirling’s Tory MP Stephen Kerr defending the indefensible Tory Rape Clause, which requires women who have conceived children through being the victims of rape to prove the fact in order to receive benefits.

“Only two weeks ago, Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey incredibly described the Rape Clause as an ‘opportunity’ – as if women who have suffered rape would somehow welcome the chance to relive their ordeal with benefits agency staff judging their applications.

“This outrageous policy is barbaric and completely unacceptable in a civilised society, and anyone defending should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. If Stephen Kerr and other Tory apologists for this disgusting policy don’t like my language, tough.”