4th September 2016

SNP Councillor Slams Tory/Labour Broken Promises On Roads

Councillor Graham Lambie
Councillor Graham Lambie

Councillor Lambie

Forth and Endrick SNP Councillor, Graham Lambie, has slammed the ruling Tory/Labour Administration on Stirling Council for not delivering on promises made to maintain Stirling’s roads.

A recent Audit Scotland report has put the Stirling area in seventh worst place out of the whole of Scotland – a significant decrease since 2012 when the Tory/Labour coalition was formed.

The Administration’s pledges for Stirling included increasing investment in roads maintenance in real terms and prioritising the resurfacing of roads and pavements across the Stirling area.

Councillor Lambie said:

“This Tory/Labour Administration has left Stirling’s roads in an appalling state. Pot holes have been left to grow and have littered my ward as well as many urban areas across the city.

“When last in control of Stirling Council, the SNP worked hard to maintain and improve the roads we inherited from previous Administrations. The Tories and Labour have reneged on their pledge to prioritise resurfacing our connecting road infrastructure.

“In opposition, my SNP colleagues and I have consistently called for more funding to roads maintenance with fully costed budget proposals. Instead, we now have a situation across the area where roads have been left to deteriorate, making a less safe environment for drivers.”