14th March 2016

SNP Councillors Stand up for Workers’ Rights

Workers’ rights attacked and trade unions not properly consulted: SNP councillors call for clarification as representatives ‘kept in the dark’.
Cllr Gerry McLaughlan

Cllr Gerry McLaughlan

SNP Councillor Gerry McLaughlan has written to Stirling Council Leader Johanna Boyd seeking clarification after the Administration recently moved to force through changes to Council workers’ contracts. Now that Tory and Labour Councillors teamed up to vote in majority to approve such changes, Councillor McLaughlan has requested clarification as to who will approve the final version of the changes – Council Officers or Elected Representatives.

On Thursday (10th March) SNP Councillors McLaughlan, Farmer, and Thomson met with local trade union representatives to discuss the changes to Council workers’ contracts that were forced through by Stirling Council’s Tory/Labour Administration last month. It has been revealed at the meeting that Council Officials had informed Trade Unions that the matter was now for Officers to complete – in contradiction to assurances given by Councillor Boyd at the full council budget meeting.
Commenting after the meeting, Councillor Gerry McLaughlan said:
“We had a productive and informative discussion with trade union officials who are naturally concerned for the workers they represent at Stirling Council. The handling of this process has been completely unfair and there is no justification for imposing these measures in the way that the Tory/Labour Administration have done and has kept trade union representatives in the dark.
“I am disappointed that Labour Councillors followed the whip on this one and voted to attack the rights of workers – the very people they used to defend. People who work to deliver our local services deserve to be treated with dignity instead of this shameful and unnecessary move. In addition to the failure to properly consult with trade union representatives, we are now not sure as to who is in control of the final version of these changes as information given to union representatives contradicts assurances the Administration gave us during the budget meeting.”