24th January 2017

SNP MP Calls For Scottish Secretary To Be Made Answerable To Scotland


SNP MP for the Stirling Constituency, Steven Paterson, has called for the Secretary of State for Scotland to be held properly accountable by Scotland.

Citing the split of MPs who put questions to the Scottish Secretary during Scottish Questions yesterday, Mr Paterson asked the Leader of the House of Commons on Thursday (19th January):

Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell MP. Government is “Circling the Wagons” Copyright Number 10 under Creative Commons Licence

“At yesterday’s Scottish Questions, I counted thirteen non-Scottish based MPs asking questions to the Scottish Secretary and only ten questions from Scottish-based MPs. It was a rather humiliating exercise, was it not, all circling the wagons to save the Scottish Secretary from being scalped?

 “Can we have a debate on how to make the Secretary of State for Scotland answer to Scotland?”

 The Secretary of State for Scotland came under pressure yesterday following the Prime Minister’s speech earlier in the week that suggested that Scotland could face being taken out of the Single Market with the rest of the UK.

Commenting, Steven Paterson said:

“There is a deep flaw when the Secretary of State for Scotland takes more questions in Parliament from MPs that don’t represent Scotland than he does from MPs that do. This is a crucial time in terms of Scotland’s place in Europe and our relationship with the Westminster UK Government – yet here we have a Scottish Secretary who largely manages to avoid being made answerable to elected representatives from Scotland.

“As the Tory UK Government has taken to leading Scotland down the Hard Brexit path we didn’t want and don’t deserve, now is not the time for the Scottish Secretary to bury his head in the sand. It is vital that the people of Scotland are listened to and key questions regarding our future are answered in full.”