29th July 2016

Stirling Employment Rate Higher Than UK Average

Steven Paterson

Stirling MP, Steven Paterson, has welcomed recent figures that puts the Stirling area ahead of the UK average on employment.

A recent report published by the House of Commons Library shows that 2% of Stirling’s economically active population aged 16-64 were claimants of unemployment welfare support. The UK average figure is 2.4%.

Steven Paterson said:

“These figures are obviously welcome news and shows that the Stirling area is very much open for business.

“However, the rate of youth unemployment is still disproportionately high. We are lucky to have a diverse economy in the local area, and efforts must be made to improve employment opportunities for younger people. That is why I continue to call on the UK Government to commit to a city deal for the Stirling area that will boost economic prospects and grow jobs.

“It is also vital that we ensure work pays a fair wage. The UK Government’s ‘National Living Wage’ con is over £1 per hour below the real Living Wage and the former-Chancellor George Osborne hailed this as a pay-rise for the UK, however in reality this is a mere three pence per hour increase when compared to the like-for-like value of the minimum wage in 2010. The new Prime Minister and her Government must pave the way for delivering a higher wage economy.”