20th December 2016

Stirling MP And Equality Council To Work Together To Tackle Hate Crime

Daniel Jones of CSREC and Steven Paterson MP

Stirling’s MP Steven Paterson has met with representatives of the Central Scotland Regional Equality Council (CSREC) to discuss challenges facing minority groups in the Stirling Constituency last week.

CSREC works to promote equality and tackle hate crime and discrimination – operating in the Falkirk, Stirling, and Clackmannanshire area.

Mr Paterson discussed a number of issues, including that of hate crime figures for the Stirling area, with Daniel Jones, Equality Engagement Officer for CSREC.

Daniel Jones of CSREC and Steven Paterson MP

Daniel Jones of CSREC and Steven Paterson MP

Commenting, Steven Paterson said:

 “This was a great opportunity to discuss the important work that CSREC does in tackling discrimination – including hate crime. Across the Stirling area, there were forty-eight cases of reported hate crime over just a five month period (April-August), twenty-eight of which were racially motivated. However, my office has been made aware of a number of occasions where victims of hate crime have refused to report such incidents.

 The Scottish Government has announced that a new campaign to combat hate crime will be launched next year in line with recommendations made by the Independent Advisory Group on Hate Crime, Prejudice and Community Cohesion. The campaign will aim to raise awareness of the effects of hate crime and improve public education in this area.

 “Raising awareness of the value of reporting hate crimes is key to tackling such incidents and my office and I will work with organisations, such as CSREC and Police Scotland, in raising awareness of incidents and promoting the importance of third party reporting.”

 CSREC Equality Engagement Officer, Daniel Jones added:

 “I had a constructive meeting with Steven Paterson which gave me a chance to get an idea of the types of issues constituents of his have been facing in terms of discrimination and hate crime. Hate crime continues to be underreported both in Stirling and across Scotland, and I was delighted to see a strong will from Mr Paterson towards tackling this issue. I look forward to working with both Mr Paterson and his office to ensure that everything that can be done is being done to tackle hate and promote equality.”