1st September 2016

Stirling MP Hails Free Eye Exams

Steven Paterson
Steven Paterson

Steven Paterson MP

The Scottish Government has announced that the free eye tests offered by the NHS are to continue.

A review of community optometry services will be commissioned to look into make further improvements. This review will examine what role the community eye service can play within our NHS and whether more can be done to improve the level of care for patients.

Welcoming the announcement, Stirling MP Steven Paterson said:

“Since free eye tests were introduced, we have seen the number of eye tests increase by 29% with over two million Scots now receiving vitally important health examinations which not only checks eye sight but helps identify treatable conditions at an early stage in their development.

“The Scottish Government’s decision to review the role of the community optometry services will enable the NHS to better handle the challengers an ageing population bring – such as diabetes and glaucoma.

“Fundamentally, this announcement shows the SNP Scottish Government’s commitment to keeping our vital NHS services free to the point of delivery”