4th November 2016

Stirling MP Hails Sturgeon’s Pledge To Looked-After Children

Nicola Sturgeon

Steven Paterson has hailed the First Minister’s announcement of an independent review of the care system.

Nicola Sturgeon referred to the “heartbreaking” statistic that a young person who grew up in care in Scotland was twenty times more likely to be dead by the time they are 25 than someone who didn’t.

The First Minister has since clarified that this review will be driven by those who have experience of the care system.

Steven Paterson

Steven Paterson MP, hailed commitment by First Minister.

Steven Paterson commented:

“This is a really important and pivotal point for our care system and key lessons that can be learned through carrying out this exercise could bring about the changes that are needed to ensure that every child in Scotland gets a fair start in life.

“The First Minister’s closing speech to SNP Conference focussed on our party working to reflect and strengthen Scotland’s inclusive society. The current care system falls short of this when, devastatingly, children who are raised in care are more likely to engage in crime or die at a younger age. 

“This announcement signals the beginning of a process to change this and will fall in line with the SNP Scottish Government’s commitment to get it right for every child.”