5th December 2017

Stirling MSP Meets Homelessness Campaigners In Holyrood

Bruce Crawford MSP meets Shelter in Holyrood

Bruce Crawford has met with campaigners from the charity Shelter Scotland in the Scottish Parliament this week.

The charity brought its campaign Homelessness: Far From Fixed to Holyrood to highlight the human cost of homelessness and to call for urgent action tackling both the causes and the consequences.

Shelter Scotland campaigners highlighted how a household becomes homeless every 19 minutes.

In the last full year for which figures are available, there was an increase in people sleeping rough before applying for help from their local councils.

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“I was delighted to meet with representatives from Shelter in Parliament recently. The work they do is crucial in addressing homelessness in Scotland.

 “Tackling the root causes of homelessness is the most important action we can take to tackle it. However, many people who have been cast into vulnerable situations don’t know what help is available. That is why I will continue to support organisations such as Shelter in the work that they do to highlight where improvements can be made in order to support people who have been made homeless.”

When the campaign launched 12 months ago it sounded an alarm, warning that if action wasn’t taken the progress on tackling homelessness during the last ten years was at risk of being undone.

Graeme Brown, Director of Shelter Scotland, said:

“I am heartened to see MSPs, including Bruce Crawford show support for our campaign by taking the time to talk to us in parliament and find out more about how the issue is affecting constituents.

 “We are seeing new steps being taken, including the Scottish Government’s creation of a £50 million ‘Ending Homelessness Together’ fund and the launch of an action group on homelessness but we really need MSPs from across the political spectrum to work together with us to make an even bigger difference.”

Shelter Scotland has submitted its recommendations for action to the Scottish Government Action group on homelessness and rough sleeping.

The Far From Fixed campaign’s four main demands are:

  • A safe and affordable home for everyone
  • Help is available for everyone to keep or find a home
  • A strong housing safety net to catch people if they do lose their home
  • And, that no-one should ever have to sleep rough on Scotland’s streets