24th April 2017

Stirling SNP Call On Labour To Rule Out Another Coalition Deal With The Tories

Scott Farmer

Stirling SNP has called on Labour to rule out another coalition with the Tories on Stirling Council after the local government election next week. The call comes after the SNP point-blank ruled out any such coalition deal with the Tories.

The SNP is the only party to have put forward enough candidates to win a majority on Stirling Council on May 4th – sparking speculation that another deal has already been done between Labour and the Tories.

For the past five years, Stirling Council has been controlled by a Tory/Labour coalition administration – despite the SNP being the largest group elected to the local authority. At the weekend, the SNP Leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that there would be no SNP-Tory coalitions on any Local Council in Scotland.

Calling on Labour to match this commitment, SNP Group Leader on Stirling Council, Councillor Scott Farmer said:

Scott Farmer, SNP Group Leader“The past five years have been shameful for the sell-out Stirling Labour Party who, despite what they might say publicly, were more than happy to join hands with the Tories behind closed doors – forming a coalition to keep themselves in power despite losing the election.

“It has been five years of ill-judged cuts and privatisation attempts, five years of hypocrisy as they cut Council Tax and then moaned that the Scottish Government wouldn’t let them increase it, and five years of self-interested pet projects instead of delivering quality and reliable local services that the people they are supposed to represent need.

“This election is a chance for voters to draw a line under the past five years and elect a majority SNP Administration on Stirling Council who will invest in services and empower communities. In the face of what is at stake, I call on Labour to admit the error of the past five years and rule out another coalition with the Tories on Stirling Council.”