7th August 2017

Stirling SNP Politicians Confident About City Region Deal

SNP politicians in Stirling have said that negotiations relating to the Stirling City Region Deal are going in a positive direction as talks continue between the Scottish Government, Stirling Council, and the UK Government.

The City Region Deal comes as part of a comprehensive business plan that would see combined public and private investment grow the local economy, increase jobs, and improve the lives of people living in the local area.

The project was kick-started with a business proposal from Stirling Council officers which was backed by the Scottish Government, then by the UK Government.

Stirling MSP, Bruce Crawford, has said that talks are going in a positive direction:

Bruce Crawford MSP

Bruce Crawford MSP “talks are going in a positive direction”

“The City Region Deal is an ambitious project which could unlock a lot of potential for our local area and I’m keen to see progress on negotiations continue in the positive direction that they have taken to date. I remain in close contact with the Scottish Government and Stirling Council will continue to assist in any way I can to keep the ball rolling.

“A lot of work has been put into the business case for local investment and I am delighted that Stirling Council and the Scottish Government have been working collaboratively with the UK Government on the more technical aspects of this project. I hope to see further commitment in terms of funding over the next few months.”

Stirling Council Leader, SNP Councillor Scott Farmer, who met with the Secretary of State for Scotland to discuss the City Region Deal in Stirling last week, has said that he is confident plans should be in place in coming months.

Stirling Council Leader, SNP Councillor Scott Farmer

Stirling Council Leader, SNP Councillor Scott Farmer, who met with the Secretary of State for Scotland

Commenting, he said:

“I had a very constructive meeting with the Secretary of State for Scotland and will also be meeting the First Secretary of State in coming weeks to discuss Stirling’s City Region Deal. I’m confident that the heads of terms will be agreed in principle before this year is out, which will allow Stirling Council, the Scottish Government, and the UK Government to consider how more specific aspects of the overall Deal can be supported in forthcoming budget statements. 

“This is an exciting project that would bring positive change for the whole Stirling area. It is for this reason that the collaborative approach we have taken is vital, leaving party politics at the door and getting on with the job of delivering for our local communities.”