5th December 2016

Stirling SNP’s Winter Festival


With winter well and truly here now, and the frost on the grass in the morning, most of autumn’s leaves are now off the trees and the night’s having fair drawn in the official “Scotland’s Winter Festival ” is under way.

The winter festival incorporates the three traditional Scottish celebratory events that  encompass our deepest winter time, St Andrews Day, Hogmanay and Burns Night.

Of course there is the small matter of Christmas tucked in the period too! And here at Stirling SNP we have a host of events to keep the winter warmed up and to help raise some funds for the forthcoming year of campaigning. This coming 2017 we have a council election to win and campaigning costs money so we need our members and supporters help.

Jockey on a horse

Our Race Night is on the 9th, if you can’t make it sponsor a horse. Contact Mel via Image courtesy of

First off this coming weekend on the 9th December we have the Race Night at The Green lounge, on Riverside. We run one of these last year for Bruce Crawford’s campaign and it was a great success, and a lot of fun. Come along on the night to the indoor Bowling club and bet on your favourite horses, pitch in on our raffle, take up ownership of a nag, or sponsor your own “sweepstakes”. Everything helps. Even if you can’t make it on the night we would welcome any prizes you can offer for the raffle, and of course you can still be a horse owner or  race sponsor. If I recall,  watch that man Bruce Crawford , he was a bit of a speed demon at the racing last year! Contact Mel if you want to sponsor a horse (

Broadcaster Lesley Riddoch

Lesley Riddoch is coming to our December Branch Meeting.

We then have out monthly branch meeting at the Golden Lion on the 14th and this month we are delighted to be able to welcome, Journalist, broadcaster and land reform campaigner, Lesley Riddoch along to our meeting to talk about Land Reform and what has been happening and needs to happen in this area. Members of other branches are welcome to come along, bring your membership card and ideally let us know in advance so we can be sure to have a suitable room.

Remember we have Club 100 starting this month– our first draw – a special Christmas draw will take place at our next branch meeting on 14th December.

One lucky number will win £50.  There is still time to buy your lucky number (s). Don’t wait – once there are gone – they’re gone. Each number costs just £12 which will be entered into our special Christmas draw then subsequent monthly draws through the year. (The 100 Club draw will begin proper in January with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes being drawn – A total of 12 draws = £1 per draw).  (N.B. You don’t need to come to the meeting, although wed love to see you. Any winnings will be delivered to you). Contact Susan McGill,  Political Education Officer  for further info.

Then we have our Christmas Night out on the 22nd December. This year we had planned on having a BBQ in the summer, but summer never really arrived and then it was Autumn! So the ever helpful lads and ladies at the Kilted Kangaroo have stepped in to help us have a winter Barby which will start at 17:00 with a few  imbibements at the Crossed Peels, ( Wetherspoons to you and me) and moving on via a few other local hostelries no doubt, before ending up at the Kilted Kangaroo where we have a room for the barby. Tickets for the food are available in advance and cost a mere tenner! We would love to see you along.

Once the heads have cleared after Scotland’s Hogmanay, we have our first Branch meeting of 2017 and on January 11th we have Jessica Lindhof of Stirling Women’s Aid coming to  talk about Domestic Abuse and their work in Stirling. We also have Elaine Paterson, PEO of Falkirk South SNP Branch coming to  present her Resolution on Criminal Conviction Rates for Sexual Offences.

And of course we have on going campaigning and leafleting in the Stirling area for next years council elections. Lots of fun please support us in anyway you can.