Alasdair MacPherson

SNP Campaigns Against Rape Clause Coming to Stirling

Maureen Bennison and Alastair MacPherson

The SNP Group on Stirling Council is to begin campaigning locally against the rape clause coming to Stirling. 

The two child cap on child tax credits means that the Department for Work and Pensions will no longer support three or more children in a family. However, an exception is made when a woman has conceived a child through rape. 

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Demands to Halt Universal Credit as Stirling Rent Arrears Skyrocket to £200k

Halt Universal Credit in Stirling

A freedom of Information response from Stirling Council has revealed that rent arrears for council houses have skyrocketed since Universal Credit was brought to the area, with the amount owed to the Council by Universal Credit claimants now sitting at £192,462 (as of October 2018).

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Stirling MSP Submits Motion to Parliament Condemning RBS Closure In Bannockburn

RBS Bannockburn

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament, condemning RBS’ planned closure of the Bannockburn branch.

Mr Crawford’s motion highlights that this closure will seriously affect a number of communities including Bannockburn, Fallin, Cowie, and Plean and calls on UK Government ministers to intervene on this matter in order to prevent the loss of RBS services in Bannockburn.

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