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Labour Should Stop The Politics And Get On With Funding Local Services

“Once again, Councillor Johanna Boyd’s bizarre rantings have landed her with egg on her face as she seems to be attacking a system of local tax reform that is set to be fairer and ensures that those with the broadest shoulders, bear the greater burden. It may have escaped the notice of Cllr Boyd and the Stirling Labour Party, but Labour MSPs in Holyrood voted in favour of the Scottish Government policy – perhaps she ought to have run her ‘open letter’ by her party’s own leadership beforehand.”

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Crawford Welcomes “Bold Agenda” For Scotland

Bruce Crawford

Bruce Crawford MSP for Stirling Constituency has today welcomed a series of policy announcements made by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the SNP Spring Conference in Glasgow. The First Minister confirmed that a re-elected SNP government will: Increase Maternity Grants for the birth of a first child; reintroduce payments […]

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