Extreme Brexit – With Fanatical Zeal


Comment by Steven Paterson, former MP for Stirling

Late on Tuesday evening, news began to leak out that a letter signed by no fewer than 62 of the most zealous hard Brexit-fanatic Tory MPs – including Stirling’s redoubtable champion Tory MP Stephen Kerr – had been sent to the Prime Minister.

I mean “leaked” in the loosest of terms, of course. Virtually every newspaper in the land had stumbled upon a copy of it somehow, so this hadn’t been accidentally dropped out someone’s briefcase. It had been deliberately placed with various media outlets and timed to crank up the pressure on tortured Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of the meeting of important Cabinet ministers at the Prime Minister’s official retreat Chequers on Thursday. (Predictably, this “War Cabinet” of important ministers meeting at Chequers did not include the Secretary of State for Scotland, but did include the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland – strange who is deemed important these days eh?)

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The Projection Of Scotland

SNP graphic on Brexit for Scotland

By Steven Paterson, Former Stirling MP
It’s official: Scotland’s voice is finally being heard in the remotest corridors of power!

The BBC has finally presented the UK map in correct proportions ….but it is all a matter of perspective.
Yes, after a thirteen-year wait, the BBC’s Weather Forecast Department has finally relented to complaints from their distant licence-fee paying customers north of the border that Scotland is actually in reality somewhat bigger than Cornwall. In future, BBC weather forecasts will be presented on a map that accurately reflects the size of Scotland as compared to other parts of the British Isles, instead of being as a grossly-distorted virtual image of Britain as if filmed from a hot air balloon flying somewhere above Bordeaux, with Stirling appearing a billimetre above the Solway Firth in that wee speck at the top.

Every journey starts with a first step, I suppose.

Unfortunately, however, a mile or so down the road from Broadcasting House in Whitehall, the Tory UK Government continues to listen to nobody except itself.

This week, Number 10’s spin machine decided to bill special meetings of the Cabinet taking place to thrash out a common position on Brexit negotiations in the most valiant of terms, describing them as meetings of the “War Cabinet”. But it wasn’t long before expectations of what the “War Cabinet” might achieve were being drastically downgraded. As The Independent’s headline on Wednesday, revealed, “Brexit: Theresa May ‘War Cabinet’ unlikely to reach agreement on UK aims, admits Business Secretary Greg Clark”.

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Analysis Shows Single Market Essential For The Stirling Area

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Theresa May has proven that she CAN protect Scotland’s place in the European Single Market

On June 23rd 2016, Scotland voted overwhelmingly – by 62% – to remain in the European Union. Indeed, my own constituency voted by more than two-thirds to remain. The Scottish Government’s position is that the will of the Scottish people must be upheld.

In 2014, ahead of the Scottish Independence Referendum, Westminster unionist political parties told the people of Scotland that a No vote would secure our nation’s place in the European Union as part of the UK. Whilst claims that Scotland choosing to become independent would result in the country being ejected from the EU are completely baseless and false, nevertheless it is undeniable that this was a major plank of the No campaign and many people in Scotland rightly feel that they were sold a falsehood as they voted by a small margin to stay in the UK and by a large majority to stay in the EU.

Whilst the wishes of the people of Scotland were clear in last year’s referendum, the Scottish Government has lobbied the UK Government for a compromised approach that would ensure that Scotland would be able to retain the rights and privileges of the European Single Market and the Customs Union once the UK leaves the EU. However, to date, the UK Government has stubbornly refused to make such a commitment, instead aiming for what is known as a ‘Hard Brexit’ where we leave the Single Market too.

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Stirling’s Tory Toom Tabard

Clock of Palace of Westminster

By Steven Paterson, Former MP for Stirling

The minority Tory Government at Westminster has survived another week, but the sense of utter shambles and paralysis at the heart of Whitehall has only been reinforced.

The week started with the news strategically leaked to the media that the Government was prepared to up its divorce offer to the EU to €50 billion. This vast sum is to cover existing financial commitments entered into by the UK as a current member of the EU, a pre-requisite for the EU 27 before any detailed trade negotiations can take place.

By leaking it (and therefore having plausible deniability), the Government was subsequently able to dispute the veracity of the story in order to allow it to better manage some of the more rabid and frothing anti-EU MPs marauding the Tory backbenches who think that walking over the abyss with no deal makes any kind of sense. It says it all about this ludicrous process that the Government is intent on paying out this colossal sum to leave the world’s largest trading bloc in order then to be able to negotiate terms to retain maximum access to the very same trading bloc at significantly inferior terms.

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Crawford and Paterson Discuss Scotland’s Future

Crawford and Paterson at Callendar

Stirling representatives, Bruce Crawford MSP and Steven Paterson MP held a public meeting on Friday evening (25th November) to discuss the future relationship Scotland will have with Europe and with the rest of the UK. The meeting took place in the Clanranald Trust HQ in Callander.

The meeting formed part of the National Survey – the biggest listening exercise of its kind – to give members of the public a chance to voice their opinion on Scotland’s future after the UK vote to leave the European Union despite Scotland voting overwhelmingly to remain.

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MP Takes Questions From EU Nationals In Rural Stirling

Steven Paterson speaking to EU nationals

Steven Paterson, Member of Parliament for the Stirling Constituency, held a meeting on Monday (21st November) to take questions from EU nationals living and working in the rural part of the constituency.
The Real Food Café is situated in the village of Tyndrum in the Stirling Highlands. It employs up to around 30 members of staff – many of whom are EU nationals and have concerns about what the prospect of Brexit could mean for them.
Mr Paterson met with staff in Tyndrum to take their questions on how Brexit could affect their status and to reaffirm his commitment to protecting their right to live and work in Scotland.

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Nicola Sturgeon Launches The National Survey

Nicola talks to the crowd
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Paterson Calls For Council Funding Assurances From Chancellor Of The Exchequer

Scotland EU flag

Steven Paterson, the Member of Parliament for the Stirling Constituency, has today written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer demanding an assurance that the UK Government intends to protect funding levels for Stirling Council following the decision of the UK as a whole (though not Scotland) to withdraw from the European Union.

The intervention follows the response Mr. Paterson received from the Chief Executive of Stirling Council to an enquiry as to the levels of EU funding the local authority currently receives and relies on for vital local projects and services.

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Stirling MP Voices Concerns Over Potential Loss Of Local EU Funding 

Steven Paterson MP
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