DSG Operation in MOD Forthside

An open letter by SNP Councillor Alison Laurie
Last Thursday was an upsetting day for the many employees and their families who have experienced a redundancy as a result of Babcock closing their DSG operation in MOD Forthside. In a bitter irony, this was done on the same day as Heads of Terms for the Stirling City region deal were signed just along the road at the Engine Shed.

The service employed 56 people. These were highly skilled jobs, and almost 50 of them have now been made redundant. 

Yes, this was a decision made by Babcock Intl – a private company looking to further profits – but it came as the result of decisions made by the Tory Government to decommission MOD Forthside. 

In a press release, dated 7 September 2017, Stirling’s Tory MP Stephen Kerr boasted that he was “saving our jobs at Forthside”. 

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Tory Government Reneges on Promise for Stirling

Bruce Crawford voiced concern
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Babcock’s Hand Forced By Ministry Of Defence On Relocation And Threat To Local Jobs

Bruce Crawford voiced concern

It has been revealed that the decision by the Ministry of Defence to close the Forthside Barracks by 2022 has led to Babcock’s move to bring forward their plans to relocate the DSG operation in Stirling.
Stirling’s MSP Bruce Crawford has held urgent talks with representatives of Babcock International over these proposals – where the UK Government’s 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) was discussed.

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