Gerry McLaughlan

Labour Should Stop The Politics And Get On With Funding Local Services

“Once again, Councillor Johanna Boyd’s bizarre rantings have landed her with egg on her face as she seems to be attacking a system of local tax reform that is set to be fairer and ensures that those with the broadest shoulders, bear the greater burden. It may have escaped the notice of Cllr Boyd and the Stirling Labour Party, but Labour MSPs in Holyrood voted in favour of the Scottish Government policy – perhaps she ought to have run her ‘open letter’ by her party’s own leadership beforehand.”

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Despite Cutting Service, Social Care On Course For £2 Million Overspend

Gerry McLaughlin

2017 has given the Tory/Labour Administration on Stirling Council cause to hang their heads in shame after an officers’ report has shown that overall spending on social care is set to be £2.2 million more than was originally budgeted for.

In February last year, the coalition forced through a cut of £700,000 to the service, despite the SNP Group tabling a fully-costed amendment that completely protected the service. This resulted in added pressures to a reduced staff force.

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2016 Review: Bruce, Boyd, Budgets, Bins, Brexit, Bombs, Bandeath, Balfron… and did we mention Bins? Oh yes… the Bins!

Here we are again at the end of another year. And what a year 2016 has been, when you look back over the events that have defined it, both locally and nationally, it’s astonishing to think it all happened in the same 12 month period. Nearly the same length of time it takes to get your bins emptied…. but more of that later.

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A Budget That Will Deliver For Stirling And For Scotland

SNP politicians in Stirling have welcomed the Scottish Government’s recently announced draft budget.

The announcement by Finance Secretary Derek MacKay sets out the SNP Scottish Government’s spending plans for 2017/18. Details include:

– Freezing the basic rate of income tax, protecting the income of the lowest paid earners.

– £120 million in additional funding from the Scottish Government to tackle closing the attainment gap.

– Protecting Scotland’s policing budget in real terms.

– Protecting the Fire and Rescue Service budget in cash terms.

– A record £304 million invested into NHS Scotland – more than any other party pledged to invest.

– 32.3% increase in funding to mental health services.

– Over £60 million committed to support the doubling of free childcare from 600 to 1,140 hours.

– Supporting free further/higher education.

– Protecting free prescriptions.

– Committing to working with others to fund a transformational City Region Deal for Stirling.

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