Neil Benny

SNP Condemn Tory Pride in UC

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Renewed Calls For Tories To Sack Alastair Majury

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Fake News

Fake News seems to be the latest social media storm front, that’s been latched onto by TV, newspapers and led no less than by POTUS, the Donald himself. So it’s heartening to see one of his more close to home disciples of all things “Great”, Cllr Neil Benny, here forth to be called “the Benny” getting in on the act. Where would we be without an unoriginal Tory….

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Benny’s Budgetary Blunder

Tory Councillor on Stirling Council, Neil Benny, has been slammed by SNP Spokesperson on Finance, Councillor Gerry McLaughlan, after Cllr Benny conceded that identified savings within Council services will not be made.

The comments came during a recent meeting of the full council where Councillor Benny – Stirling Council’s Finance Convener – indicated that major cuts to Council services were unlikely to deliver the savings promised.

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Tory Labour Coalition budget fiasco

Cllr Scott Farmer

SNP group leader Scott Farmer has launched a scathing attack on the Tory Labour pact in charge of Stirling Council over their inability to provide coherent and consistent figures in their budget plans for Corporate Services. He stated the plan was “the work of smoke and mirrors with an uncomfortable […]

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