Unfurling The Latest Attack

Lion Rampant

by former Stirling MP Steven Paterson

It started with an SNP Party Political Broadcast. A refreshed version of a previous SNP concept inspired by the famous scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian asked: ‘What has the SNP ever done for us?’

I must concede I didn’t myself recognise political journalist David Torrance as the broadcast’s miserable party-bore naysayer, perhaps because I don’t think I’ve ever met the guy and perhaps because the brand of relentless negativity and criticism when it comes to anything SNP to be found in his work is hardly unique to him amongst Scottish political hacks.

However, I do admit to being amused by the furious wailing and gnashing of teeth from so many politicos at the perceived outrageousness of the slight to him in the Party Political Broadcast, and I’m sure everyone is especially grateful to the ever-eager Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton for lightening the mood with his comedy motion on Friday evening and hilarious complaint about the broadcast to Ofcom. I was also amused because it seems to me that far too many of these political journalists cling to the pretence that they are not active participants in our politics whilst happily engaging the boot – not in any noble endeavour to speak truth to power to the betterment of the public, but because it suits a particular political slant, or just as often, because its good sport and politicians are there.

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