MSP Takes Part In National Walk To Work Day

Bruce Crawford at Stirling Bus Station
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Bruce Crawford MSP Joins Campaign to Promote Safer Internet Day

Share Aware
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Local MSP Encourages Schools To Sign Up For Library Upgrade Funding

Bruce Crawford MSP.
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Advice Support For Pupils And Parents As Exam Results Due

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Paterson Condemns Labour’s Toxic PFI / PPP Legacy

Following a BBC investigation Steven Paterson MP has sought urgent reassurance from Stirling Council about the news that three public-private partnership (PPP) schools in Stirling have been judged to be unsafe. The schools affected in Stirling are St Modans, Wallace High School and Balfron High School.

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Paterson Reaches Out To Local Schools To Mark Holocaust Memorial Day

Steven Paterson

This week, local Stirling MP Steven Paterson will be delivering information packs on Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) to all schools across the Stirling area.

The information packs, produced by the HMD Trust, are designed to help promote HMD and educate young people on the importance of marking the anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau – the site of the largest mass murder in history.

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PFI/PPP Contracts Set To Cost Stirling Taxpayer Another £386 Million

PFI School

SNP Group Leader on Stirling Council, Councillor Scott Farmer added:
“This is a gargantuan amount of money to have taken from precious Council resources. The Tories invented PFI and Labour continued to champion these contracts. The total bill will cost the Stirling taxpayer at least £15 million every year for the next two decades – money that would be better spent vital services such as social care, roads maintenance, and education.
“It is high time Labour and the Tories owned up to their mistakes and apologised for their credit card economics.”

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The Great PFI Swindle”: Stirling MP Raises Balfron High Concerns In Parliament

Labours Toxic Legacy

In a parliamentary question to the Deputy Leader of the House, Stirling MP Steven Paterson highlighted the structural issues found in Balfron High School recently and called for a parliamentary debate on what he referred to as “the great PFI swindle”. During his question, Mr Paterson said: “Balfron High School in […]

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Stirling SNP Calls For Inquiry Into Crumbling PFI School Rejected By Tory/Labour Administration

Councillor Graham Lambie

At Thursday (19th May) night’s Meeting of the Full Council, Stirling SNP Councillors put forward proposals for a comprehensive and independent inquiry into structural failings at Balfron High School. The calls come after a number of issues with the PFI procured high school has resulted in sections of the building […]

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PFI: Balfron High School Building Safety Questioned

PFI School

Further Concerns Raised Over PPP/PFI Schools

Last week, management were forced to close a stairwell within Balfron High School after safety concerns were raised over “suspicious wall movement”.

Balfron High School, a PFI project, had raised building safety concerns previously when high winds resulted in a wall collapsing in January this year. Upon investigation, it became clear that necessary wall ties had not been installed to secure the wall to the building.
Forth and Endrick SNP Councillor, Ian Muirhead commented:
“The situation at Balfron High School is extremely worrying and I will be staying in touch with relevant Council officers to ensure that everything is being done to safeguard the safety of pupils and staff alike.

“The mess left behind from Labour’s toxic PFI/PPP legacy has meant that Stirling taxpayers are among those who have been ripped off and their health and safety compromised.”

The news comes after Stirling MP Steven Paterson called on Stirling Council’s Chief Executive to ensure that adequate building safety inspections were carried out on schools after a number of Edinburgh-based PFI/PPP schools were forced to close due to concerns.

Steven Paterson said:

“I am glad that independent inspections have been swiftly carried out on local schools, however, for many parents and staff, the revelations from Balfron High will confirm fears over PFI/PPP contracts.

“The Tories invented PFI and Labour and the Lib Dems embraced it with open arms – costing the taxpayer billions in wasted funds that should have been invested in vital public services.”

Stirling SNP candidate, Bruce Crawford added:

“I am very concerned about the potential impact this could have on pupils. This is a crucial time for young people who are preparing to sit their exams and the last thing they need is disruption during their study period.

“I have been in touch with Stirling Council’s Chief Executive seeking daily updates on the situation as it evolves – including contingency plans for any affected parts of the school that could be facing closure.”

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