Scottish Welfare Fund Supports Families In Stirling Area

Bruce Crawford voiced concern

Over £148 million has been granted to hard-up households since 2013 through the Scottish Welfare Fund, according to latest Scottish Government figures – including £2,297,397 in the Stirling area.

The latest stats show that 275,000 households have benefited from the Scottish Welfare Fund – which provides Community Care Grants and Crisis Grants – with over one-third of those helped being families with children.

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Stirling SNP Lead Universal Credit Demonstration

Bruce Crawford and Scott Farmer attend rally

Stirling SNP led a demonstration to halt Universal Credit on Saturday (25th Nov).
The day of action included a procession from King’s Park followed by a rally at Thistle Park in Stirling.
Rally speakers included Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford, SNP MP Drew Hendry, Stirling Council Leader Scott Farmer, and Jessica Lindohf of Stirling Women’s Aid.
Stirling SNP’s campaign has gained hundreds of signatures for the party’s petition to halt Universal Credit.

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Who Cares About Universal Credit?

Steven Paterson

The past two weeks have seen heated debates in the House of Commons and beyond on the subject of Universal Credit, because as opposition parties at Westminster have rightly argued, there are serious flaws in the way this is being rolled out.

Here in the Stirling area, where Universal Credit was implemented over the summer, we have witnessed all too clearly the shortcomings of the policy in its current form, and ample evidence for why the rollout should be halted until the serious deficiencies can be addressed.

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Broken Universal Credit System Is Hurting People In Stirling

Universal Credit

New evidence has revealed the true impact of the rollout of Universal Credit in Stirling. 

It is anticipated that local authority statistics have shown that the rollout of Universal Credit in the Stirling area – which was part-introduced in May 2015, with the full service rolled out in June this year – has accounted for the following: 

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Rollout Of Universal Credit Is Hurting, Not Helping

Universal Credit
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Paterson Will Fight Tory Government’s Disgusting Rape Clause

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MP Calls On Constituents To Donate To Local Food Bank This Christmas

Steven Paterson MP and Linda Sterry,

Stirling MP Steven Paterson recently met with Start-Up Stirling Foodbank to discuss challenges facing the charity organisation in the run-up to the Christmas period.
Last year, the period over Christmas was one of the busiest faced by Start-Up Stirling since it was established.
Mr Paterson is calling on locals to support Start-Up over Christmas with donations of food and other items which will be used to support individuals and families facing severe financial difficulties.

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Women Disadvantaged Most By Tory Cuts To Welfare

Steven Paterson MP and Jessica Lindohf

Stirling MP Steven Paterson visited Stirling Women’s Aid recently to discuss how changes to welfare have disproportionately affected women as opposed to men.
Ahead of the 2015 General Election, the Fawcett Society reported at 74% of cuts of benefits by the coalition government had come from the pockets of women. According to Women’s Aid, that figure is now 85%.

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Westminster sanctions hitting lone parents hardest

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament’s Stage Three debate on the Welfare Funds Bill, the SNP is highlighting new evidence of the impact of welfare cuts and sanctions on lone parents – and is reiterating its call for a full investigation into reports that DWP staff are pressured into applying sanctions. […]

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