29th November 2018

“The Biggest Failure In Public Policy Of This Century”

Bruce Crawford voiced concern

Crawford Slams UK Government Record On Poverty


Stirling MSP has slammed the Tory UK Government’s record on tacking poverty, following the United Nations Special Rapporteur’s report on Extreme Poverty in the UK.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament Chamber, following a statement from the Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government on the report, Mr Crawford said:

“Is the Cabinet Secretary aware that today, despite the UK being the fifth richest country in the world, as many as 14 million people live in poverty, including as many as 4 million children? Is she also aware that under the Tories’ watch, 600,000 more children have fallen into relative poverty? Does she agree with me that that is the biggest failure in public policy this century which, according to the UN, is a result of massive cuts to social security and misguided reforms to welfare payments?”

 Commenting, Mr Crawford said:

“This is a damning report, and one that the resulted in the UK Government choosing to bury its head in the sand, despite the evidence and findings showing that it is Tory policies that are driving such high rates of poverty in the UK.

 “In my own constituency, we have seen rent arrears multiply nearly twenty-fold because of Universal Credit, as well as the number of food bank referrals doubling, and many more people requiring a crisis grant through the Scottish Government’s Scottish Welfare Fund.

“This Tory Government has not addressed poverty at all, instead it has caused many more people to face hardship – and the evidence is here for the international community to see. This is an utter failure of public policy and the people I represent deserve so much better.”