7th May 2015

Use your vote!

Polling stations are now open, and will be until 10pm tonight. Make sure you get down early as you will not be able to vote after 10! Use your vote today to elect a strong local SNP MP in Steven Paterson.


  • more SNP seats means more influence and power for the people of Scotland
  • we’ll make sure Scotland’s NHS is always cared for – its budget protected and its future secure in public hands
  • we’ll fight for a more responsible economic policy, one which boots long-term growth, created jobs and delivers for all
  • we’ll invest in childcare and vital public services, not waste £100 billion on new nuclear weapons
  • we’ll keep the Westminster parties to their promise of more powers for Scotland
  • the SNP will play a constructive role in Westminster and bring ideas forward in a positive spirit

If you’re staying up to see the results, the declaration for Stirling is expected around 2:30am.