22nd January 2018

Vehicle Activated Signs On Pike Road Following SNP Councillor’s Consultation With Community

Alison stands in front of the newly deployed sign

SNP Councillor for Stirling East Alison Laurie has praised the work of Stirling Council officials in installing Vehicle Activated Signs along the Pike Road which are now operational.

There are a number of signs now in place including those which advise drivers of the speed they are travelling at and signs that flash the speed limit when road users are driving too fast.

The Pike Road, which travels past Broomridge, is a 30mph zone and many local residents voiced their concerns over speeding road users in the run-up to the Stirling council election in May last year.

Since being elected to Stirling Council, Councillor Laurie wrote to every resident, asking for their views on how to make the Pike Road safer.

Commenting, Councillor Laurie said:

“I am glad that road safety on the Pike Road is being addressed and the latest installation of Vehicle Activated Signs will be welcome news for the local community in Broomridge.

“Many local residents had voiced their concerns that some road users have been ignoring the 30mph speed limit which is unacceptable, especially considering the number of pedestrian crossings on the route.

“After consulting with the local community, it was clear that speed bumps and chicanes were the least favoured option in terms of reducing overall speed on the Pike Road and Vehicle Activated Signs will help reenforce awareness of the speed limit in place for drivers using the road.

“Whilst this is undoubtedly a positive step, I will continue to liaise with local residents for their views on road safety in the area and would welcome any further comments – Stirling East residents can contact me on”