7th April 2017

Vote Labour, Get Tory, Vote Tory, Get Labour

Cllr Jim Thomson
Tories pulling the Labour Strings

Who is pulling the strings in the current administration. Vote for an SNP majority to get clear leadership

Have you had Tory leaflets delivered to you complaining about how badly Stirling Council is run; the bins, the state of the roads, poor public transport.

Well, can I remind them it is they, the Tories, who are running Stirling Council along with their allies in the Labour Party.

From what I hear, Labour are furious that they are being left to take all the blame, yet they won’t rule out a coalition if they get the numbers.

This time round, it’s the Tories turn to have the Council Leader and Provost. It doesn’t bear thinking about but that’s what’s on offer. Labour as the junior partner.

Labour can’t win outright, the Tories can’t win outright.

Let’s have some honesty from them, admit they have already done the deal and their campaign is an utter sham. Admit their manifestos aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

Vote Labour, get Tory. Vote Tory, get Labour.

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