4th April 2017

It Wis`nae me it was the big boys that did it

Gerry McLaughlin

Last week I promised that over the next few weeks that I would start posting about our manifesto and what we plan to do if elected.

Well in the nature of politicians, I have to keep you waiting for another week. When you have 14 candidates standing in an elections wanting to win and form the next administration then it takes a bit of time to firm up on the manifesto,, because when we win we want to honour it.

I know , its corny, its old fashioned and nowadays its not really expected, what a Political Party honouring its manifesto , whatever next!!!

Anyway , it is even more important since we are the only political party that is standing in the Stirling Council that is putting up enough candidates that if we win we can form the administration.

That’s right, neither the Conservatives or Labour are fielding enough candidates , that even if they all won, they couldn’t form an administration without forming a Red Tory Blue Tory coalition.

So think about that, if you vote Tory then the best you can hope for is some form of New Labour policy. Mmmm, that probably is not too bad for you. 🙂

But if you vote Labour, then the best you can hope for is ,Tory. 🙁

So the bugger is , if you vote SNP, you get SNP policies. No compromise, no fudge, just what is in our manifesto. So , sorry another week, then all will be revealed…..

In the meantime. The election has started in earnest here in Stirling, leaflets are being stuck through letterboxes, columns are being written, press releases are being published in the local paper.

The one consistent message that is coming through is , who has actually been in charge of Stirling Council for the last five years.? Has it been Martians, Aliens, Ghosts?

Who has been in charge ;
while parks have been neglected, commercial centres have emptied, bus services have vanished, bins have been left lonely at the side of the road for days,weeks.

Who has been in charge ;
while housing repairs take longer and longer, anti social behaviour spreads like a cancer through all our communities,.
Who has been in charge :
when roads and footpaths have become more like obstacle races, when the snow falls or ice forms and our streets and roads are reduced to chaos.


It can`t possibly be the same Labour and Tory Councillors who now in their leaflets dropping through your letterbox, claim, that they have secure money for; parks, litter collections, buses, broadband, extra services .

Well folks , I suspect that when you were growing up , at one time you might have been caught doing something that you shouldn`t have done.

Maybe a sly smoke, a sip of Buckie, or the odd `free` comic.

When caught, one of the standard excuse was……..

`The big boys made me do it`

There is more that a hint of that in the leaflets of the Red/Blue Tories being pushed out just now.

It was`nae me ,they all shout out.

It wis`nae me to blame for the chaos and the shambles that Stirling has become.

Well unless you have been in a coma for the last five years you know one thing for certain : it was them.

For the last five years this fantastic community has been run into the ground by this cabal of Tory and Labour.

They can blame everyone , from the government in Edinburgh to each other, after all there were in coalition.

But as you have travelled around , you have seen that other Council`s have managed to cut the grass, keep the streets clean, look after their play areas, basically do their job.

But not here!!!

So if you want a grown up Political Party, that publishes a set of commitments that you can judge them on over the next five years , then trust me, the wait will be worthwhile.

Next week we will publish out manifesto for Stirling, if you elect us in May you can judge us by it.

The alternative is another five years of failure and chaos and excuses and blaming the big boys!

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